Jazz Jackrabbit 3

Jazz Jackrabbit 3, also known as Jazz Jackrabbit 3D, was supposed to be the sequel to the former games in the series. It has been developed by Dean “Noogy” Dodrill, an animator of Jazz Jackrabbit 2, along with World Tree Games in 1999. The music was done by Alexander Brandon, who already composed the Jazz Jackrabbit 2 soundtrack.

This game uses Epic MegaGames’ original Unreal engine, however Epic had very little to do with the actual development. Like many popular mascots in the 90’s, Jazz stepped into a 3D world full of adventures for the first time. Think of Mario 64 with a gun.

The development of Jazz Jackrabbit 3 was on a rocky ground. It started as an unofficial project and they worked on it for months without a budget. When there was time to demonstrate the progress to the original creators of Jazz Jackrabbit, Epic MegaGames was very impressed. However, Epic was unable to find a publisher. The prime candidate was Gathering of Developers as they already published Jazz Jackrabbit 2 in the United States. But they refused since Jazz 2 was the only game they lost money on. They didn’t want to make the same mistake with Jazz Jackrabbit 3. So, the project was in Epic’s hand and they called it quits.

Real work was done until March 2000, when World Tree Games stopped hearing from anybody. After all, Jazz Jackrabbit 3 was officially cancelled in May 2000.



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