Getting Started

What you need

Of course, you need DOSBox:

You also need some DOS games. If you don’t have any old ones, you can get some legally at:

Playing from the hard drive

  1. As an example, we already have our games preinstalled in E:\Games\.
  2. We run DOSBox at first, so this window will appear:
  3. After that, we type in the following command in order to get access to our games folder:
    mount c e:\games\
    When it worked, it’s available in DOSBox as drive C:.
  4. Since we’re still on Z:, we have to switch to drive C:
    Then we list the content of the folder:
  5. In our example, we’d like to play Commander Keen 4. So we change to its folder:
    cd keen4
    We list the content of this as well:
  6. Usually, DOS games will be executed by calling a .bat or .exe file. In our case, we run the game with this:
    Unless we made a typing error, it should work now 🙂

Playing from a CD-ROM

  1. As an example, there’s a Lollypop disc in drive D:.
  2. Now we have to let DOSBox know about it, so we can get access there:
    mount d d:\ -t cdrom
    Unless we missed something, it should be available in DOSBox as drive D: now.
  3. Now we switch to our CD-ROM disc on D:
    Let’s list the content:
  4. After that, we run the game with:
    This game should work now, too 🙂

What else to know …

  • Since not every game runs well with the default configuration, DOSBox can be widely configured. It’s described at the Configuration how to do that.
  • In this chapter, we didn’t have a close look at the usage of DOSBox in order to keep it simple. The details are explained at the General Usage.
  • If you have specific problems, you might find an answer at the Frequently Asked Questions.