General Usage

You have to execute DOSBox with the path to your configuration file in order to use your previously defined settings. In case you use Microsoft Windows, you simply can use the shortcut at the start menu. If you create a shortcut to DOSBox yourself, use a command like this:

dosbox -conf "c:\my programs\dosbox\mysettings.conf"

A few things you should know:

  • DOS doesn’t support long filenames, so take care that they’re not longer than 8 characters and there aren’t any spaces or special characters.
  • You don’t have direct access to your real drives. You can get them using the mount command (described in the DOSBox Wiki).
  • Most games don’t detect the sound card automatically. You have to run SETUP.EXE, SETSOUND.EXE or INSTALL.EXE in the game directory. Use a Sound Blaster 16/Pro/compatible or AdLib driver.

In DOSBox, you got some basic DOS commands:

  • dir to list the current directory content
  • cd dirname to go into a subdirectory
  • cd.. to go back to the parent directory
  • c: to switch to drive C:, if it’s available
  • filename to execute a FILENAME.BAT or FILENAME.EXE (for example setup to run SETUP.EXE)
  • exit to quit DOSBox

You also got some special keys in DOSBox:

  • CTRL+F5 to save a screenshot
  • CTRL+F6 to record the sound output into a wave file
  • CTRL+ALT+F5 to start/stop recording a video
  • CTRL+F9 to kill DOSBox
  • CTRL+F10 to capture/release the mouse
  • ALT+RETURN to switch between windowed and full screen

If you want to learn more about DOSBox, then try a look at the DOSBox Wiki.