Freedoom 0.10 · Freedoom: Phase 2

Here it is, Phase 2 of Freedoom. Unlike Phase 1, it is not arranged into episodes, the maps follow a linear progression similar to DOOM II instead. This allows to play mods for DOOM II.

Freedoom is an active community project, which aims to be a free replacement of the DOOM game data, a first-person shooter developed by id Software in 1993. Since the source code of DOOM has been released in 1997, it has been enhanced and ported to modern operating systems. However, these ports need the game data, which remains proprietary because DOOM is still sold in stores. This is the point Freedoom drops in.

The Freedoom project is still in active development and is always looking for contributors. If you’re interested or if you just want to try it out, then try a look at:


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