Exploring Tomb Raider WIP Demo (July 1996)

Sometimes it’s funny how we’ve come full circle. Years ago, I gave an early Work in Progress demo of Tomb Raider to CuteFloor since nobody appeared to have it. It’s a self-running demo that only allows a sneak peek of how Tomb Raider looked like at that point. Since then, the demo was spread over the internet because it’s a rare and quite early version of the game. Note that this is not a leaked version or something, it has been officially distributed by PC gaming magazines at that time.

While doing some research for the Tomb Raider article, I came across a patched version of it. I was already aware that people played around with it in order to figure out how to trigger certain stuff in the scripted gameplay. But someone actually managed to make the demo playable. That makes it really interesting, because now it’s possible to check out what is really in there. It’s still the same version that I once gave to CuteFloor, just slightly patched to get control over the character.

Where does the Tomb Raider WIP demo come from? Well, I actually got it on two demo discs: PC Action 9/96 and Power Play 9/96. They are not identical, though. The version on Power Play displays some additional lines stating in German that it’s a self-running demo without any music. They’re the same otherwise. The version floating around the internet is the PC Action one.

Enough talking, enjoy the video and see what’s in there 🙂


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