Putty Squad · Unreleased Game

Putty Squad is a platform game done by System 3 Software Ltd. between 1994 and 1995. Even though it was planned to be published for Commodore Amiga, SNES, Sega Genesis / Mega Drive and PC MS-DOS, it has been released for SNES only.

The Amiga version was finished as well, but the publisher Acclaim Entertainment held it back because the Amiga market was too nervous in that time. A few copies of the full Amiga version were sent to PC magazines in order to review them. Unfortunately, it seems that no one ever kept a copy of it, so it’s probably lost and one of the most wanted unreleased games today.

In this video, you can see the playable four-level demo of the PC MS-DOS version that was shipped on several PC magazines demo discs. This is everything you’ll ever see from it.

Download: Playable PC MS-DOS demo (5.1 MB)