Chex Quest 3

Chex Quest 3 is a first-person shooter done by former Digital Café employees as a service to fans of the Chex Quest series.

The original game, Chex Quest, was included in Chex cereal boxes as a promotional prize in 1996. Even though the promotion only lasted six weeks, it became a huge success and the game continued to be played a long time after that. So, Digital Café decided to create a sequel, Chex Quest 2, and made it available on the official Chex Quest website. Both Chex Quest and Chex Quest 2 use a modified DOOM engine. Digital Café also announced a third game, but nothing of it has been ever released before the promotion of the series came to an end.

After that, several fan-made mods appeared to act as the third game until Charles Jacobi and Scott Holman from the original development team announced the development of a full sequel at the Chex Quest Fan Forums. Chex Quest 3 has been finally released in September 2008. It’s based on the ZDoom port and includes remakes of Chex Quest and Chex Quest 2.


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